Laser.Desk has similarities with multiple existing solutions:
  • anti-scam scanners (e.g. TokenSniffer, StaySAFU)
  • expert auditors (e.g. CertiK, PeckShield)
  • price trackers (e.g. CoinMarketCap, Poocoin)
  • research tools (e.g. Messari, Moonlight)
But our goal is rather unique.
Thus we are looking for partnerships, not for competition.

How do we differ from anti-scam scanners?

Laser.Desk aims to find good assets (different goal)

If you want to detect a scam - use anti-scam scanner
If you want to detect a gem - use Laser.Desk
Both anti-scam scanners and Laser.Desk detect scams.
But we have different reference point: Laser.Desk compares tokens to gems (good tokens), while anti-scam scanners compare tokens to scams (bad assets).
It can be easily illustrated by 1inch token:
  • TokenSniffer gives it 25/100 score due to detected similarities with bad tokens (unlocked liquidity & non-renounced ownership)
  • Laser.Desk gives it 95/100 score due to detected similarities with good tokens
Both scores are accurate, but represent different goals.

Laser.Desk analyzes non-chain metrics

If you want an on-chain security evaluation - use anti-scam scanner
If you want a comprehensive quality evaluation - use Laser.Desk
While anti-scam scanners analyze only on-chain metrics (contract code, liquidity, supply, holders, swaps, etc.) we also analyze non-chain metrics (socials, listings, website, etc.).

How do we differ from auditors?

Laser.Desk is not a security solution (different goal)

If you want to ensure security - request audit
If you want to compare asset quality - use Laser.Desk
Main goal of expert audit is to ensure 100% safety. This is done by an in-depth code analysis, that validates absence of critical vulnerabilities.
Some vulnerabilities are important for security but have low impact on asset quality. For example, exploits that produce hacks often occur among good assets: Ronin, Ariva, Pancake Bunny, etc.
Laser.Score measures overall project quality.
Security is just a one dimension. It gets evaluated by Laser.Desk but only to a degree that is meaningful for asset comparisons.
Laser.Score is not a substitute for expert audit. Our goal is to navigate assets, not to secure them.

Laser.Desk is 100% automated

If you need a manual code analysis - request audit
If you need an automated code analysis - use Laser.Desk
Laser.Desk data collection, data analysis, asset scoring are 100% automated. We do not perform any kind of manual reviews.

How do we differ from price trackers?

Laser.Desk focuses on non-price asset comparisons (different goal)

If you search for an asset that has made 100X - use price tracker
If you search for an asset that will make 100x - use Laser.Desk
Most price trackers have asset search, asset screeners, asset maps.
But all these services are based solely on price information (or derivatives like market capitalization).
Laser.Desk is intended to find good assets before price gains. Thus it can't be based solely on past price performance.
Laser.Desk analyzes a lot of non-price factors (contract, holders, liquidity, website, socials, listings, etc.). It ranks assets according to their quality and classifies them based on maturity and business area.
Our goal is to predict price, not to track it.

Laser.Desk has no listing requirements

If you want to analyze only hand-picked assets - use price tracker
If you want to analyze any asset - use Laser.Desk
Most price trackers list assets manually and require compliance with certain listing criteria (e.g. CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko). The whole process may take weeks.
Laser.Desk has no such limitations.
Any user can add any asset. It will be analyzed automatically within minutes. There is no exclusion, no listing requirements. We are friendly to all new assets.

How do we differ from research tools?

Laser.Desk is not a narrow analytical tool (different goal)

If you need a specialized solution - use research tool
If you need a broad solution - use Laser.Desk
Research tools are intended as an in-depth solution to some specific problem (e.g. analysis of holder connections, tracking of whales, collection of specific events, etc.).
Laser.Desk is intended to navigate assets. Our analysis goes only as deep as it is needed for a meaningful comparison.
We do not compete with research tools but precede them. We help users to detect assets that may require an in-depth analysis.

Laser.Desk is easy

If you need a complex solution - use research tool
If you need an easy solution - use Laser.Desk
Research tools are intended for experts with enough of experience. Thus they are usually complex and sophisticated.
Laser.Desk is helpful for everyone. But our main users are non-professionals. Thus we try to keep it as simple as possible.