Features & plans

Automated asset evaluation

At the heart of Laser.Desk lies Laser.Score: an automatically computed numeric measure of overall asset quality. It allows you to easily compare tokens, spot good ones, detect scams.
You can already check it at beta version of Laser.Desk. Some of the already achieved milestones:
  • create automated analysis methodology
    • add automated contract code analysis (Slither)
    • add automated trading analysis (PancakeSwap)
    • add automated socials analysis (Telegram, Twitter)
    • add automated listings analysis (Bscscan, CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko)
    • add automated website analysis
  • divide score into 5 areas: contract, trading, socials, transparency, age
  • add automated scam marking
  • add partnerships with data providers
Development of beta version is currently finished.
Our focus from now on is to switch Laser.Desk to a stable version:
  • enhanced performance & scalability
  • enhanced scoring methodology
    • support for asset life stages (e.g. presale, launch, expansion, ...)
    • support for asset business area (e.g. nft, memecoin, playtoearn, ...)
  • enhanced automated analysis
    • more contract anti-scam checks
    • more price & trading data checks
    • add holder & transaction analysis
After stable version is released we'll proceed to:
  • add support for more blockchains (Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, etc.)
  • add more partnerships with data providers
  • add public API

Simplified asset search & analysis

Our main long-term goal is to greatly simplify search & analysis of cryptocurrencies.
Most of cryptocurrencies are represented by shitcoins and plain scams. Thus beta-version of Laser.Desk focuses on scam detection and greatly resembles anti-scam scanners. Some of the already achieved milestones:
  • launch website:
  • add token page with detailed score / audit
  • add scam mark / report button
  • integrate price chart from Bogged.Finance
  • add recent tokens section
  • add popular tokens section
Stable version of Laser.Desk will be more focused on finding good tokens. It will have
  • enhanced design
  • token classification tags
    • life stage (e.g. presale, launch, expansion, ...)
    • business area (e.g. nft, memecoin, playtoearn, ...)
  • major enhancement of token search experience

Community education

Crypto world is rapidly growing and attracts many newcomers.
We try to educate them about token analysis:
We plan to continue this effort.
In stable version of Laser.Desk we'll
  • add dedicated wiki with educational posts about token analysis, scam detection, main terms (ownership renounced, reflections, etc.)
  • add educational competitions with rewards

Additional paid features

Beta version of Laser.Desk is completely free.
The only monetization comes from ads that we place on our website.
Stable version will add some really cool features that gonna be available only through a paid subscription to Laser.Desk.
For investors:
  • portfolio analysis
    • track Laser.Score on interesting assets by creating watchlists
    • import tokens from your wallet to the watchlist
    • get signals about tokens from your watchlist
For token developers / owners:
  • get testnet contract analysis (analyze your token before deploying it)
  • get contract audit
  • promote your token on our website / in our socials
  • enhance your Laser.Desk page with additional info / customized design