your anti-scam guard

Currently LaserScan is in alpha stage.

Release is planned in Q3-Q4 2023.

What is LaserScan?

LaserScan is your best way to avoid scam tokens

Laser denotes exceptional precision that distinguishes LaserScan from other detectors..

LaserScan is an automated AI-powered security scoring (like TokenSniffer but much more precise).

It is intended for all who trade risky tokens and want to know their chances of being scammed.

Why LaserScan?

There are many anti-scam tools.

LaserScan will be the one that

  • is simple to use (one indicator instead of hundreds, each of which can be properfly iterpreted only by a security professional)

  • is reliable


To be revealed

Laser.Desk is an old version of LaserScan.

It will be replaced in 2023.

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