Total supply

Distribution (plan)

Initial Supply: 400,000,000 LSR (07/07/2021)

Planned (max) Supply: 1,000,000,000 LSR (07/12/2041 and forward)

Liquidity includes CEX / DEX listings.

Ecosystem includes airdrops, marketing, partnerships and other ecosystem-related spending.

Team includes compensation to owners and employees.

Private includes private sale & advisors


  • begins at 7th January 2022 and ends at December 2041

  • happens every 30 days (every month)

  • emits a fixed amount of 2,500,000 LSR tokens each time (0.625% of initial total supply or 0.25% of max supply)

  • stores new tokens at Reserve wallet

Minted tokens form strategic reserve and may be used to replenish main wallets (Pool, Team, Community, Marketing and Backers).

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