Step-by-step guide how to buy LSR token from the PancakeSwap DEX

Step 1: create wallet

To buy LSR token you have to create a crypto wallet where it will be stored.
This wallet must support Binance Smart Chain:
For example, you can use MetaMask:
  1. 1.
    download browser extension:
  2. 3.
    switch wallet to Binance Smart Chain mainnnet
  3. 4.
    import LaserEyes token
    1. 1.
      press "import" button in your MetaMask wallet
    2. 2.
      paste LSR contract address: 0x1cb9ca00538265a22e56b758026948608ba5d86f
    3. 3.
      press "Add Custom Token"

Step 2: get BNB

To trade on Binance Smart Chain mainnet you have to place some BNB tokens in your wallet.
To do this you can:
  1. 1.
    buy some BNB on a CEX, e.g. Binance

Step 3: buy LSR

  1. 2.
    press "Connect Wallet" button to connect your wallet
  2. 3.
    check contract address: 0x1cb9ca00538265a22e56b758026948608ba5d86f
  3. 4.
    fill number of BNB that you want to use for buying LSR
  4. 5.
    press "Swap"
You can also use some DEX aggregator, e.g.