What is findX?

findX is terminal tool for DEX asset search and trading. It gives an advantage in spotting DeFi assets with huge potential and simplifies your DEX trading experience.
Analysis shows that users need a simple and convenient tool for working with DeFi assets. And this is what we've decided to develop: concise, intuitively simple helpful companion on your journey trough the DeFi world.
Our name (findX) comes out of love for X-gains (10X, 100X, 1000X) and making profits. We hope that our users will find their X with findX!

Why do you need us?

Today, there are many DEX terminals. But all of them have complex interfaces designed for professionals, not for new users who are accustomed to the CEX UI.
Our UI is simple, concise and newcomer-friendly. We adapt the familiar CEX UI to the specifics of DEX, making the product an indispensable assistant in working with DeFi.

How do we help?

We've collected all the essentials that help you to quickly understand the possibilities and advantages of DEX trading:
  • xFeed monitors new DEX tokens and generates feed for fast search of potentially profitable ones
  • xCharts tracks prices of DEX assets
  • xTrades analyzes trading activity of DEX assets
  • xSwap allows you to buy / sell asset via DEX (we warn you if there are scam risks)
  • xPortfolio monitors gains & losses for assets in your wallet
  • TokenxInfo shows main asset attributes, including social links, liquidity pools and holder dynamics
  • xAntiScam displays Laser.Score using data from LSR ecosystem (Laser.Desk).
Last modified 8mo ago